Pictures of our baby!

Usually most people only get an ultrasound at the beginning of their pregnancy and then at around 20 weeks for the anatomy scan. We had an extra ultrasound because of some concerns my doctor had with my size, so I thought I would post some pictures so we can compare the development in the last 10 weeks.

 Here are a few ultrasound pictures we got at week 20..

Here is a picture of the baby’s face at week 30. You definitely can tell that the skeleton face from the first picture above has now become a chubby baby face!


About thehagehaleys

This is a way to stay connected with our family and for us to document our lives.
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1 Response to Pictures of our baby!

  1. Emma says:

    So awesome! Can’t wait to meet our little hagedorn! I love your blog thanks for keeping it up to date! Love you! Emma

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